Forks Over Knives Ultimate Cooking Course Review

It’s that time of year again when people around the world make resolutions for the new year. Some of the most popular resolutions include those surrounding health and wellness. Weight loss and healthy eating are generally at the top of the list. For others, it’s a firm resolve to be more plant-based in order to do something positive for their bodies and the environment. And if you’ve seen documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, What the Health, and The Game Changers, this course is great for really getting started with learning to cook in a more whole-food, plant-based way.

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This time last year I signed up for the Forks Over Knives Ultimate Cooking Course (partnered with Rouxbe Online Cooking School) to finally learn how to cook. I did it because I was embarrassed at my lack of knowledge in the kitchen and knew that I had no chance of improving my type 2 diabetes if I didn’t learn to cook. And after being drawn in by a Facebook ad (don’t judge) I finally decided to check it out.

Overview of course options

There are two options for you when it comes to the Forks Over Knives Course. You can sign up for the 90-day ultimate option for $249.99 at the time of this writing or the shorter course for only $99. If you happen to read this when the course isn’t on sale, be patient, it will go on sale again.

What do you get in the course?

The 90-day course gives you 55 hours of content you can complete at your own pace, along with 30 credits with the American Culinary Federation. Those 55 hours cover things like:

  • Knife skills
  • Sauces and soups
  • Cooking without oil
  • Time-saving cooking strategies

You can view the syllabus here.

If you opt for the shorter course, you’ll get 20 hours of in-depth instruction but without the graded assignments or certificate.

Which option should you choose?

I chose the longer course because I wanted as much education in the kitchen as possible. I also wanted to complete the graded assignments to earn my certificate at the end.

Can you really learn to cook in 90 days?

Yes, you can! You can learn the basics of cooking and knife skills in 90 days. You’ll also learn different cooking methods and the best ways to cook certain food. However, if you have trouble completing the assignments in 90 days, you can purchase 30-day extensions at about $40 per extension. That’s what I had to do a couple of times so there’s no judgment if that’s what you want to do in order to get your certificate.

The shorter course does not offer a certificate because there are no graded assignments but it’s perfect for those who want a plant-based foundation.

Both courses offer lifetime access.

The entire course is delivered online and is self-paced. If you sign up before the official course start date you’ll be able to start right away and give yourself more time before the 90-day clock starts. The course is run by Rouxbe Online Cooking School and, on its own, has a number of cooking courses and certifications available. This includes a longer Plant-based Pro course which you may be interested in after you finish Forks Over Knives. That course retails for $1549 at the time of this writing.

In delivering the course online, you’ll watch the required videos and complete the associated activities. There are also quizzes and tests in the ultimate course to test your knowledge. Assignments are photos uploaded to the site and sometimes you have to do a little write-up of what the photo is or how something tasted.

Be aware that not every cooking assignment is graded. Many are just for practice. If you’re short on time and trying to complete the course, focus on the graded activities and come back to the practice ones later since you have lifetime access to the course.

Course dashboard. Screenshot by Wendy Coop.

What will I need to complete the course?

If you have basic cookware and utensils, you should be just fine completing the course with what you have. I chose to upgrade some of my gear along the way but that is not necessary. I have a kit of kitchen essentials you can check out here. I would also recommend buying plain white plates and bowls in order to present your food assignments as well as smaller prep bowls for your mise en place (where you set your ingredients out before you start cooking). I bought my supplies from the dollar store and Target.

So what did I learn?

I learned so much about food itself, reasons to go plant-based, and how to actually make this work in my life. I learned about making substitutions and how to create meals. But the biggest thing it gave me was confidence. That’s how I can stand before you now as a plant-based personal chef. One of the most complicated things I made was Pho (a Vietnamese soup). I made the stock and soup from scratch and it was a hit with my meat-eating husband. I was just so proud of myself and it truly represented a transformation for me in the kitchen.

Pho stock.
Finished Pho devoured by my husband.


If you are okay with online learning and you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook plant-based then this is the course for you. If you have decided you want to go plant-based or were strongly encouraged to do so by your doctor, then this is a great place to start so you won’t feel overwhelmed without knowing what to cook for you or your family.

Become a Plant-based Chef in 90 Days

Grab your spot in the next class by clicking here: Forks Over Knives Ultimate Cooking Course

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for your review of the course. I have been plant based for a few years and have cooked all my life so I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. I have decided to take it and hopefully will learn some new skills and help combining flavours.

    1. I hope you have learned something useful in addition to your existing cooking skills! How did it go?

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